Cleveland OH Asbestos Test Pricing

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Site Visit Fees

We charge a modest site visit fee of $299.95 for residential single and two family properties and $439.95 for small commercial/industrial buildings. There is a $50.00 fee for any additional structures on the property that you want to be surveyed. Price includes up to 2 samples that are pulled and analyzed. Large multi-family commercial and industrial properties must be quoted.

Outside of 20 Mile Service Area, a $90.00 fee will be added.

Laboratory Processing Fees

Plaster & Drywall - $60.00 each Residential & $90.00 Commercial
Floor Tile/Linoleum - $30.00 each Residential & $50.00 Commercial
Mastic Adhesive - $30.00 each Residential & $50.00 Commercial
Duct Tape or Wrap - $30.00 each Residential & $50.00 Commercial
Window Glazing - $30.00 each Residential & $50.00 Commercial
Drop In Ceiling Tile - $30.00 each Residential & $50.00 Commercial 
Aircell Pipe Wrap - $30.00 each Residential & $50.00 Commercial
Vermiculite & Other suspect materials - Must be Quoted.
Air Quality Testing - $450.00 up to a 20' X 20' area. Larger areas are Quoted 

All fees must have tax added.

DIY Testing Charge

The Cost for you to pull the samples yourself and ship them to us is $99.95 for up to 2 samples (Note: you need to send 2 sample of each suspect material to be tested.) This will ensure that you get a good read on the amount of asbestos present if any. There is an additional fee of $30.00 for each added sample sent. Pulling the samples can be a little tricky depending on what you need to be tested, so please give us a call before you pull the samples and let us walk you through the process of pulling the samples safely.

Reports & Postage

After we visit the property all of the documents are shared electronically through email. Report preparation and electronic delivery of the report up to four e-mail addresses are included in the cost of the visit.

Hard Copies of Documents

If for some reason we need to send out "Hard Copies" of any documents, there will be an additional fee for postage and handling.

For a single document, the fee is $5.00
For a Full Report, the fee is $10.00

We accept all major credit cards as well as checks. There is a $45.00 returned check fee.

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